The Indian woman keeps the moustache, has no hesitation

Hailing from Kunnur District of Kerala, Shaiza aged 35 years is in news. She is in love to keep moustache. Unlike other women, she has an increasing growth of hair in upper lips. Additionally, her eyebrows and face witness growth quickly too.

The society has made few rules and regulations where people are literally made hostage. People who deny such rules are often looked down as ‘unique’ and not in mainstream. Similarly, one such rule is associated with the beauty of women.

Since age people perceive ‘fair women’ to be beautiful. They should have a grooming sessions periodically to keep unwanted hair in check. They should be slim. However, society gives least regard that they are also humans and they also have the right to practically showcase themselves likewise.  Recently, the women from Kerala has proved the same, who keeps the moustache with pride.

Stopped trimming hair 5 years ago

People who meet her first time has the most natural query as to why she doesn’t trim the unwanted hair.  She replied that she loved to sport the hair and has already embraced herself in this manner. Earlier she used to periodically trim the facial hair, however, 5 years back, she suddenly thought that she doesn’t need to trim the hair. Slowly, when the hair started getting thicker, she stopped trimming altogether.

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