“Tell me about yourself” – Detailed explanation to prepare for Interview in 2023

“Tell me about yourself” is the first and the foremost query which you will come across in an Interview.
Yes, believe it or not, this is the query which many of us would have already faced in the past and are going to answer whenever we appear for interview.



I am also sure, many of you don;t know the professional answer to this, which may have abruptly ended your chance of bagging your job.

The worst thing is that, still most of you don’t have any idea as to
1. What to speak?
2. How much “minutes”, I should take to answer this?
3. Should I mention about my educational qualification?
4. Should I mention about professional achievements?
5. Should I mention about professional goals ?
5. Should I mention about my interest as well as reasons of joining the company?


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Well, now I am going to turn your nervousness into happiness, by addressing the answer in detail manner and that too, in the most professionalised manner.



As an exp recruiter, I have already helped sizeable number of people to become employees and I will also assist you to get the job of your dreams

“Who you are professionally”

Yes, that’s what your first sentence should tell your recruiter.

For example:-
I am a 2 years experienced content developer and I know the how to weave words to create professional resumes, mails etc as per the necessity of events.

Other example:-
I am a 3 years exp HR developer with in-depth experience of recruiting and giving training, in short I am well adept to performing all aspects of HR.

Mention about qualification

I am an MBA graduate in marketing. I have done 10+2 from X School in Y city and then I went to Z school for doing higher studies


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Highlight your achievements:-

Don’t ever fall under the impression, that since you have already given your resume to the recruiter, he may be reading all of that and you don’t need to highlight your achievements

Never assume that.
Infact, you need to highlight 2-3 of your achievements to give your first hand impression

For example:-

I have spent last 2 years developing my content developing skills in X company, where I have won 3 performance based awards and also promoted once.


You need to tell the reason , “Why are you here”?

Even though, I like my current role, but now I am ready to take more challenging role where the current position really excites me.

Tips to Adhere

Remember, never squeeze the detailed answer in “one”.

It is important to practice the answer first

(If you need any tips and suggestions and want me to create a format, based on your qualification, then comment below)
I will create one for you

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