How should I answer the question, “What is my biggest weakness?” in an interview

You are in the interview room and you are asked to tell about your weakness. This query may be proving to be quite a challenging one up till now, but after reading the post, you will know several easy ways to answer effectively.



Well, the trick to answer lies in mentioning those weaknesses which aren’t related with the nature and type of job, you have chosen for yourself. Thus this step will actually make even a negative environment into a pleasant and beneficial one for yourself.


Your weakness should never relate with the type of job, you are applying for

For example


If the nature of your job requires you to be a writer where your responsibility will be to mail clients. Now you can tell your weakness to be that you are not a good speaker. Here, I want to emphasize, that this weakness has nothing to do with your job prospects. You don’t have to verbally chat with anyone. Importantly, this weakness won’t come in your way of affecting your job as well. Isn’t it?

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Similarly, I am going to tell few of the best answers which you can come up with, in this situation

Best Answer – “During the process of working on the project it has hardly been the case where I did not finish the project well in advance”


Perception from the client: Yes, this type of perception will infact give the interviewer an actual sense of how the kind of urgency which “you” as the person maintains, of not only meeting the deadline, but in a way, completing the project a lot earlier.

Best Answer – There have been so many instances where I involved a lot of time working on a specific project. Little did I realize that if I would have designated the work to someone else then not only I could have saved a lot of time but eventually I could have utilized this time in doing the work according to my caliber.

Perception from the client – The client perceives your smart nature


How should I answer the question, “What is my biggest weakness?” in an interview

Best answer – Earlier I used to unnecessarily delay projects for the last hour but as I gained experience, I now do the work on priority basis as this gives me happiness and I am now tension free. Previously I use to pick the next project only after the completion of one project but soon I realized that one can start on several project during one time and based on the importance he can a lot time and dedication this same time and efforts as well

Perception from client – Interviewer very well understands about the extent of time management you can easily adopt for yourself, which actually works tremendously in any organization.
Most of these answers are written in a way to inspire the person so it will be an inspiring mechanism. Yes, what matters is the way you overcome that problem now it will not be considered as your negative perception. Anybody who will go through the content will see the positive side that you had the zeal to make things work as per the changing times.

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