Google-centric tips to qualify yourself for Adsense

Has it been a long time since you last tried to approve Google Adsense on your blog?

Are you literally shifting your focus on monetization methods other than Google Adsense?

Is it becoming very difficult in spite of trying various ways to qualify yourself for Adsense?

If yes is the answer for the series of the above queries, then don’t worry.

Firstly you aren’t alone

Google in the last few years has made it very clear about the immense importance which it gives and values to the quality content.

Why Google has become cautious and careful regarding quality content. Let’s know and understand through the following steps:-

  1. The step has been a necessity especially in the wake of frequent and periodical malpractices which the blog users have indulged themselves in. Yes, especially by taking the help of spinning tools for automatically generating the content.

2. Those who were producing the content manually failed to make efforts themselves as they never generated the responsibility of providing value to their posts.

Adsense is a term that has a lot of stake for a reputed and renowned company like Google as it is the advertiser’s money that naturally needs to be taken care of by a responsible entity.

For a layman it can be easily understood through the following manner

The advertiser pays Google for promoting their products and services. Google naturally relies on blogs to promote them. Hence, being a middle man who takes a specific percentage to give the advertisers the best of results, it cares for the blogs which falls in the parameters. This is where Google has categorically, specifically, and clearly laid down the list of guidelines and points so as to eliminate, remove and erase the confusion arising therewith.

Hence, amongst the various aspects which Google wants and expects the users to indulge themselves under, such as the site should be user friendly (interms of working flawlessly on both mobile and laptop/tab/computer).

The site should have the necessary pages which best explain and honor the real essence and purpose of creating it in terms of the reason for creation, niches it caters etc.

Also, the policies of the site, etc.

This gives the users a certain degree of acceptance towards the site as they know what all types of content they can get from there.

Obviously, quality content is one such aspect that has huge and undeniable importance.

One can check requirements for acceptance by Google

Final thoughts

As someone who has helped many across the online platform by guiding them with the ways necessary for Adsense approval, this short and precise post is due in the same regard.

Hopefully, it helps those who wish to get Adsense approval.

If you diligently follow the post, it will collectively benefit in the following manner:-

A.This is also a general service indicator to improve and raise the bar of providing quality content.

B.People will become more sensitized and empowered towards providing and fulfilling their responsibilities

Now, your efforts will be in a direction where stage by stage it will bear results. Yes, at no point in time you will feel discouraged and de-motivated.

The post will constantly, periodically, and regularly provide you with frequent tips and suggestions to create an instant associating, liking, and attachment with Google which is actually your friend.

The post ALSO TRIES TO STRENGTHEN YOUR ASSOCIATION WITH GOOGLE who was/is/and will always be there for online marketers and users wishing to scale up their sagging career.

Finally, even if the post is able to help one single person, then for a writer like me, it will mean a lot.

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2 thoughts on “Google-centric tips to qualify yourself for Adsense

  • December 10, 2021 at 4:10 am

    Hi Afzal,
    it seems many are trying to get AdSense approved and you give good tips here. I did ditch it from all my sites, but maybe for many, it is a way to make a bit commission. Hopefully, your tips will help them to get approved.
    Thank you

  • June 6, 2022 at 3:32 pm

    Thanks Erika,
    I am glad that you found the content useful. Thanks for motivating budding content developers like me who always value a great researched post for the benefit of mankind. You won’t believe that it took a lot of time to come up with such a detailed post.


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