Ex Bank Manager’s fraud in Lucknow : Uses id to do bank fraud in Lucknow, four suspended

Lucknow: Hazrat Ganj’s Cooperative bank which is also the headquarter is in the news for an unlawful activity, involving former Bank Manager R. S Dubey. He with his friend trnasferred 146 crore rupees and took help of the credentials of Bank Manager and Cashier.

Many suspects are in police custody

The special team of Cyber station and Cyber headquarter;s investigation revealed the same. DIG Cyber Crime Headquarters N. Solanki visited the bank and enquired from the employees. Manager Mewalal, Assistant Manager Ajay Kumar, Cashier Vikas Kumar Pandey and Guard Ajay Kumar has been suspended due to the act of forgery. Many suspects have also been taken in custody and a probe is undergoing.


Former manager transferred money on Saturday morning he gained entry under the pretext of going to the Eighth floor of non N.D (Non-Farm Loans Department)

The suspect of forgery former Bank Mnager R.S. Dubey is a resident of Indranagar. He went to the bank at around 9 in morning with a friend. His movements have been captured in CCTV. When guard tried to stop him, he then.

Whole incident is captured in CCTV

He went to the computer department and can be seen fidgeting with the system. He took the user id of Manager and cashier and transferred the amount at this time. Quite late in the evening, Bank officials got to know about the 146 crores forgery, through eight times.

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