6 tips on how Muslim Houses should be designed and built

Muslim house need to keep the factor of privacy to an all time high. Yes, based on the family members living in, an ideal Muslim locality house should have parent’s room, separate room for male and female children respectively along with a common room with a kitchen, common store and 2 tiolets.

Muslim locality house need to have space for maintaining privacy especially not just from “growing-up” children, but also from guests and visitors. A separate place need to be marked as an area for guests and the place should preferably be quite near to the entrance, obviously for the convenience of both (visitor and the family members) along with a separate toilet. The demarcation of the place is in line with the teachings of Islam which highly regards the value of guests where guests are held with high esteem. The slight change in the design of house will create a sense of understanding for the children who will equally get an upbringing depicting about the respect and importance to be given to guests who inturn will feel more valuable and important themselves. This  way the concept of “sharing and caring” will continue to blossom and Islam highly values brotherhood and it continue to move on too.

The thing to be avoided utmost is the casual chats between men and women if they are Na-mehram and has to be strictly discouraged.

In such a case, either the partipition of the living room needs to be done or a separate room should be allocated for women in order to keep a distance and unnecessary conversation orr exposure. Yes, Isam highly value the aspect and it needs to be fully enforced

You need to properly upkeep the rights of the domestic workers who are mostly women and they live as a family members. If it is possible, allot a separate place to them, preferable at the back portion of the house, just near  the kitchen with a separate room, slightly away from the regular house-hold activities. Yes, it is done to give them their own space and to safeguard their interest. They can use regular toilets, if there is no provision of a separate one to be contructed for them. Islamically, the interests of the maid are to be best kept  away from men, both inside and outside. So, while constructing the house, you can take proper consideration on the said lines for  an ideal house reflecting on an ideal house which favors harmony

The construction of sleeping rooms is done keeping in mind the direction of Qibla. An ideal way to sleep is to the right side as recommended by our prophet (pbuh).  It is a sin to position the footer of bed facing the Qibla. Yes, one can position the head facing the qibla and legs on the opposite direction.

The design of the sleeping rooms should influence and encourage early risers for Fajr namaz. There shouldn’t be any entertainment related accessories or systems to discourage people in sleeping late at night followed by waking up late in the morning. The life of our prophet (pbuh) was such where he used to sleep early and get up early right at Tahajjud

The design of the toilets should be as such where while using it, it should neither face Qibla nor back. Toilets should also have enough support to remove impuritites from the body.

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